The black community is very quick to get mad at other races for stereotyping but We’re the ones on tv and the internet feeding the stereotypes looking crazy. You got world star making us look bad BET making us look bad. All these ratchet shows and movies making us look bad, when in reality there’s a lot of black people working hard getting money who aren’t accepted. It’s like if I’m not eating chicken and I haven’t seen Friday, or juice, or love and basketball or boondocks I’m not black. If I don’t smoke weed and sag my jeans and I skateboard I’m not black. If i dont use ebt and i talk proper im not black. Because we’ve made it to wear if your not ghetto and doing typical ghetto stuff your not welcome into the community. That’s not black stuff that’s hood stuff and there’s a difference I’m tired of people saying I act white. You can’t act a race. A black dude (via moxiii)
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